My partner left me because of ADHD and I go on Ritalin 10 today, got the official diagnosis of innatentional Adult ADHD yesterday. : ADHD


For the first time in my life at 23(M) I am being treated for ADHD. For the longest time all the therapy, lexapro and soul crushing attempts to control my ADHD has left me exhausted. Today, my partner (25F) called me and said she is leaving me because of basically my ADHD.

I don’t know how to feel, to laugh or cry. I could beg her to wait to see me being treated for my ADHD but fuck man I guess I’m just going to focus on getting my erratic, overthinking, impulsive, innatentional self on track.

It’s taken a year and a half for the diag. Countless appointments, money, waiting and points of frustration. To think even 6 months ago I wasn’t convinced I was ADHD until they interviewed my mum and she explained how the bottom of my bag was always crammed with teacher notes I had forgotten about. Classic.

I guess I’m writing this as a way to cope with the mixed feelings. I want to run down the street yelling “I’m being treated!” and also curl up into a ball, call in sick to work, smoke a joint and give up.

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