My struggle with my brother’s ADHD : ADHD


I am at my breaking point.

My brother has ADHD, and so I see how he struggles, and the conflict he faces. And this post by no means at all undermines ADHD.

However, I feel like no one ever talks about the struggles of the siblings.

My parents hold me accountable for all the problems my brother has. For example, if he has missing assignments I am the one who is punished since I had to check what his teacher assigned.

Not only do I get in trouble for stupid things I do (I try to minimize these), but also my brothers.

I sometimes feel like I have no one to turn to, and it is SO hard, especially when no one truly understands me. I cry to sleep, almost every other day.

My parents call me selfish, and a horrible sibling, when I don’t have time to help my brother.

In the end, I know they do this because they feel guilty holding my brother accountable for mistakes that he does.

By no means do I ever blame my brother, in the end he is still my brother and I love him, it’s just my parents who shift all their problems on me.

Does anyone feel this??

*P.S my brother is in high school

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