My therapist doesn’t believe i’m ADHD : ADHD


This man wholeheartedly dismissed my request to be assessed for adhd because i said that exercise helps my symptoms. Mind u i didnt say exercise cures them or even makes them go away. I’m in my 20s & undiagnosed, for the longest time I thought i was just some alien who couldnt keep track of or focus on what i was supposed to be doing. Barely holding onto my responsibilities in life, dropped a lot of them or made super slow progress bc i couldnt keep up. This is not a self diagnosis but im at the end of my rope & need help regardless wtf i have. Cant see myself being able to keep this up for more than a few more days. Cant believe i paid thru the nose for this therapist who wont even give me the assessment. If he’s so confident that i dont have it then he should be confident that the assessment will prove that. Either way there isn’t an excuse to refuse me the assessment. Just had to get that off my chest. Blessings

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