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I’ve been posting articles on LinkedIn about French idiomatic expressions. The last line of the article is the expression (in italics without the translation), which will be the subject of the next article.

So, my next expression is “sauter de coq l’ane”, which means jumping from one task or subject to another. I had kind of a draft and then well, with all the confinement anxiety, I never finished it.

I just realized, this is a PERFECT opportunity to talk about ADHD. I’ve found I link I may include.…s/syc-20350878

(kinda cool also because i’m from minnesota ).

But, here is my question; am I professionally burning any bridges, posting about ADHD on linkedin? I am now “officially” a literary translator but also will take any business-themed translations.

these articles are the basis of other ideas, and i’m going to also have them on my website. I’ve reposted some on Twitter.

thank you

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