New Psychiatrist Is Refusing to Prescribe Me My Medication. Help!!!! : ADHD


Hi, I have been diagnosed with (inattentive) ADHD by a NP I was seeing for almost a year. He left the practice I currently go to and I was referred to a new psychiatrist who upon meeting for the first time via Telehealth (over the phone) is refusing to take my diagnosis seriously and will not prescribe me my medication unless I get a neuropsych eval done proving my ADHD diagnosis. I feel extremely scared and afraid that I will not be able to perform well in my job without my medication. I rely on it as a tool to assist me in my day to day and it also helps me control my anxiety and depression. I am currently on 20mg of adderall XR and it has helped me get my life on track in ways I cannot even explain. I am only reluctant to get this neuropsych evaluation because it is not covered by insurance (I called my insurance to confirm) and it is $5,000 out of pocket. I am somewhat in a state of panic and i’m not sure what I should do. I am feeling ashamed because under my first impression with my new psychiatrist he was not at all sympathetic with my ADHD symptoms and I have gone through months of testing for ADHD, anxiety and depression before even being put on my medication treatment. I have no way of contacting my previous NP who diagnosed me but during my last medication meeting with him he informed me to ask for my records if I ever decide to leave the facility I go to (I feel as if he was subtly informing me of his decision to leave the practice, I thought nothing of it at the time) I am willing to undergo different kinds of testing with another psychiatrist if that is what must be done to have my ADHD diagnosis taken seriously. I feel lost and afraid and I don’t know how to go about getting my medication prescribed to me. I established a great trusting relationship with my previous NP and it took me months to be put on the proper medication and dosage. I feel ashamed because I understand the stigma around adderall and I do know people take advantage of this medication improperly which is why I am scared to even try to find another psychiatrist, in fear they will think I am just seeking drugs and put me on an SSRI instead. Does anyone have any tips on how I can go about this situation? Thank you 🙁

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