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Been on meds for over 5 years, with a changeover that happened maybe twice, resulting in a bad reaction to the variation meds/its fillers. Changed back to my regular pills and everything has been peachy since. I take my prescribed dose responsibly and have never abused my medication.

Had a family member go pick up my meds for me last month, since I was waiting for results from a covid test (negative, hooray!). Family member returns with “dextroamp-amphetamin” instead of my usual “D-amphetamine salt combo/amphetamine salts” (generic Adderall).

I was confused and called the pharmacy to clarify if there was a mistake. The pharmacist legitimately let out an exasperated sigh and snapped “it’s basically the same thing!“, so I meekly thanked her, apologized for taking up her time, and hung up. She went to school for this, whereas I did not. She knew what she was talking about.

Yeah…… It’s not “the same thing”.

The first few days were just fine, but the rest has been an absolute struggle.

  • I can barely function past noon. I work, and this has rendered my schedule almost non-functional.

  • I’m falling asleep around 8pm, and have scared my son a couple times because he was unable to wake me up!!

  • I sleep for 12 hours or more!!

  • there’s nightmares.. there’s so many nightmares..

That’s the worst part: I can’t stay awake, but the nightmares make me so afraid of falling asleep! I’m exhausted!!

I am NOT going to go to that pharmacy anymore. I can’t get anything else until 2 more weeks, and I’m a mess. How am I supposed to work?? Seriously, I legit don’t know how I’m going to get through this month.

Personal stuff aside, it’s not always “basically the same thing.” You are right to question it sometimes. You’re not crazy.

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