Not recognized by my loved one : ADHD


Not sure it belongs here but since my main problem is ADD…

I’ve been struggling with anxiety for the last three weeks. I feel depressed and useless. I try hard to fight my suicidal intrusive thoughts and my time at work are a pain in the ass. I began to self harm and skip meals as the only way to cope with anxiety.

Last night I decided to talk about that with my girlfriend. I (25M) almost never speak about my feelings, and it was really hard for me to speak to her openly. We were chatting since we don’t live together.

She left me on read several times, even after I told her this was super important for me. She finally got it, but all she said was something like : “I know it is hard. But this will go away, just like everything always go away with you”. So much for ADD and RSD. I tried to explain again but she just didn’t seemed interested. She’s going through hard times as well, and I maybe seemed overreacting to life.

I’m feeling so misunderstood and betrayed. I just wanted my struggles to be recognized. Now I’m feeling like an imposter and it’s making thing even worse… I have nobody else to talk to.

I’m sorry if this sounds a like a childish complain or an overreaction… but… are my feelings legit?

Can anyone relate? Do you have tips for me?

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