Online school is killing my will to learn : ADHD


I’m normally a very good student, close to straight A’s but online school has killed my work ethic, there’s nobody else around me to be disappointed when I don’t do my work so why do it? I’m not learning so why am I doing this? What’s the fucking point. I never turn my work in late but I just can’t bring myself to do any of it, I have 5 late assignments and 10 more due tomorrow. I put this post in the subreddit because I know my adhd makes me procrastinate which is what I’ve been doing and it’s got to the point where I just lack the motivation to even do my work. I can’t learn through videos and none of this shit makes sense, wether I do the assignments or not I’m getting 0’s because I have no fucking clue what I’m doing. All I am is doing a disappointment to everyone around me

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