Overeating/snacking to avoid Boredom/Stress resulting from Boredom : ADHD


I (22F) have trouble to stop eating when I get bored or stressed from having to do a boring task. I really don’t know if this is a specific ADHD thing or not, but when I get bored, getting a flavor or chewing on something like a carrot helps me, or is an instant release from that stress as long as I eat. Obviously this is not ideal, also since I struggled with an eating disorder for a long time, and overeating triggers me a lot to go back to my old days of binging/purging. I tried distracting me with different things like gum and pay-dough for my hands, but my mind treats food like an addiction and i always go back to the kitchen to get something even though i am full.

I guess my question for you guys is: Is this something you have experienced with ADHD? Or is it just a relict from my previous eating disorder, disconnected from my ADHD? And if it is connected, how do you cope with it/ treat this ‘addiction’?

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