People who DO NOT have ADHD should STOP PROJECTING THEMSELVES when interpreting ADHD symptoms. : ADHD


People who do not have ADHD have a tendency to assign assumptions based on themselves onto us just because the manifestation of our symptoms resembles their actions in a situation. Just because your lack of productivity results from your laziness and lack of effort or whatever it is that’s causing it DOES NOT mean that US PEOPLE WITH ADHD are the same. Neurological is not the same as psychological. The behavior of neurons in ADHD brains has a lot of trouble aligning with our consciousness and this is why we have trouble being productive. Belittling ADHD down to the psychological level is ignorant because we cannot fix ADHD out of existence by simply changing our thoughts and habits. Therapy only works with helping ADHD to an extent and some people have ADHD more intensely than others. Therapy does not manipulate the biological and chemical nature and build up of neurons. Sorry we do not have God’s hand to be changing the biology and chemistry of our brains! Try coming into terms with reality instead and try respecting us and understanding that we have life much harder and we try very hard! It’s not like we use it as an excuse, it’s embarrassing enough just having it. ADHD is very misunderstood and is not taken anywhere near as serious as it should alongside other mental disorders. No one chooses to be like this.

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