Psychology Today Says We Don’t Exist : ADHD


Just found an article on Psychology Today titled “No, There Is No Such Thing As ADHD”. Stupidity is valid if the speaker has a degree!

Thanks, Robert Berezin! My crippling inability to focus was just a character quirk this whole time! Now I’m in perfect control of my actions after 2 decades of struggling and wondering if I’m stupid!

Cue the use of the word “experts” in quotation marks, like he’s somehow better than the hundreds of psychologists who’ve proven this concept while he spends 80% of the essay preaching his own hippy philosophies instead of any concrete science. Seriously, “constellation of temperaments” is a thing he actually says!

Also cue the wild exaggeration that psychologists get some kind of high off force feeding 4 year olds amphetamines.

I know that magazine isn’t known for perfect scientific accuracy, but really, spreading that kind of crap doesn’t help the people who deal with it everyday.

EDIT: If you want to look this article up yourself, can I suggest downloading Adblock first? Psych Today doesn’t deserve to be paid for posting this pseudoscientific clickbait, and every click (may) pay them some amount for showing ads.

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