Randomly getting obsessed with people online? : ADHD


So I have a weird thing I do where I randomly get really obsessed with stalking people online. At any given time, I am internet stalking like 3-4 people. Sometimes its “normal” stuff(like exs or people I have a crush on) but sometimes it’s totally random. Like there will be a philosopher(of the same gender so its nothing sexual) on Twitter where I just get obsessed with them and continually look at there Twitter multiple times every day, keeping up with everything they say. Sometimes I go further and read books or articles they’ve written. And then I build other interests off of these, like philosophers that I get into just because I was obsessed with a random person on Twitter. And now it’s as if my entire personality is based off of associations with these random personal obsessions. Does anyone else feel this way? Is it related to ADHD?

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