Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria ever make you wish you could poof out of existence for a bit? : ADHD


Let me start this off by saying I’m not suicidal, that isn’t what I mean at all.

I mean if even the smallest little rejection happens, such as getting a small scolding or getting downvoted on here, I’ll just think for a few moments about how nice it would be if I didn’t exist so nobody could think about me or look at me and I could stop feeling ashamed.

It’s such a massive overreaction it’s almost funny, and it always fades almost as quickly as it started. Just can’t believe how out of control my mind gets when I feel some sort of rejection.

I remember as a kid after getting yelled at by my parents, I would sometimes stay under my blankets for hours and hours just to be invisible to the World. Or, sometimes, I would get so angry I couldn’t even describe it. I’m a pretty mellow dude, most people have never seen me mad. But boy oh boy, occasionally if somebody talks down to me, I immediately get filled with Leonidas-boutta-pop-off-on-some-Persians level rage. I typically can’t stifle it and just leave the room. Good times.

If there was one thing to change about myself, it would be this. I desperately need thicker skin.

Anybody else have this? Just me?

Hopefully not just me, lmao

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