Rejection sensitive dysphoria is insanely powerful . Caused me to go into a sustained phase of hyperfocus for 3 days thinking about what happened to me. : ADHD


So I had a crush on this girl ; to me it wasn’t serious just once in a blue moon thing . Unknown to me was my brain was wiring itself to become obsessed with her even though my conscious was not aware of it.

So out of nowhere she is assigned as my partner for laboratory. At this point my anxiety is starting to increase. On the first day of lab I couldn’t even talk to her; it was a weird exchange of looks and I just walked out .I decide that this type of behaviour is unacceptable and I shouldn’t act like a weirdo. So I decide next week I’ll act normal ; I don’t want to be rude.

Next week comes and I walk over to lab and she’s waiting for me outside. She asks to switch me as her lab partner and I accept and act normal ; no big deal. But as I try do my work I’m in absolute shock and I start feeling sick. Going home I usually can’t stand to be in a train for more than an hour but my hyper focus was so intense the train journey felt like 5 minutes. My mind is only thinking about her. And for the next 2 days I can’t sleep eat or revise . My mind is so dissociated from reality I don’t even know what the hell was going on.

Even though she did nothing wrong my RSD literally tripped the fk out over it. But after the 3 days were over I just forgot about her and lost the crush I had on her. WTF

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