Rekindling an old flame after 25 years?


Hey y’all I’ve not written on this b4.
Here’s the scoop. My former GF had made contact with me on FB. I’m thrilled excited.
It’s been ~25 yrs since we broke up.
Life goes on
Life changes us right?!
This reunion has awaken my heart strings. I. e my connection w her.
She mentioned chemistry. She’s right.

One if my fav quotes in poor Richards a almanac, is, “when passion drives let reason hold the reins”

I have a wonderful history w her.
We did brake up.
Now this new contact.
Strumbs and strum’s my heart strings
I think I know the answer.
Get to know each other again.
Mentioned above been ~25 yrs.
Am I right to say hold those reigns?

I’d love to here from you my brothers and sisters ��

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