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As a Rena-Fi subscriber, you get access to our newly launched MasterMind groups. They let a group share collective experience and wisdom in order to help each other solve problems together and keep each person accountable to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

This new feature was the brainchild of Rena-Fi’s CEO and CHADD’s (Children and Adults with ADD/ADHD) newest board member, Rick Webster. “We believe that in surrounding yourself with smart and engaged people that share your view of life, the power of several people is exponentially more powerful than you alone,” said Rick.

MasterMind Groups are open to Rena-Fi subscribers only as a benefit of being a part of the Rena-Fi community. Each group will be facilitated by a coach or professional and will meet four times each month. Groups are limited to participants to maximize bonds and keep clarity within the meetings. As an added bonus, each group will be given access to a private discussion forum to maintain interaction and share resources. Additional groups will be started each month for new subscribers who wish to take part.

Starting on January 21st Cindy Jobs will facilitate a group of subscribers. Cindy’s passion is helping individuals challenged with ADHD create the life they want to live through education, structure, and support. As an ICF-certified Coach, she has demonstrated abilities that help her clients move from where they are to where they want to be.

On January 23rd, Christine Kotik will lead another group of subscribers in their own MasterMind Group. Christine’s coaching is strongly influenced by her years as a teacher and enjoys working with adults who are overwhelmed and breaking through the barriers that exist so they can move towards living the life they’ve been wishing for.

The MasterMind Groups are available for signup on the subscriber dashboard with more facilitators being added to their roster as needed.

Rena-Fi realizes there are abundant resources when it comes to managing ADHD, but little in terms of helping to retrain the mind in order to serve people and their wallets in the same place. Their main objective is to empower any individual to approach this important subject with intentionality and purpose.

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