Rena-Fi’s ADHD Awareness Line Up | ADDA


Rena-Fi’s ADHD Awareness Month calendar includes:

  • October 9th at 5pm EST Time Management Tips and Tricks – a live Mindshare event with Cindy Jobs, a Certified Organization Coach and Associate Certified Coach. Register for FREE here.
  • October 15th at 1:30pm EST Everything You Never Knew About the ADHD Brain –  a live Mindshare event with Alison Kravit, Psy.D. AAC, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified ADHD Coach. Register for FREE here.
  • October 23rd- Financial Problems in an ADHD Marriage – a live Q&A event with ADDA president Duane Gordon along with ADHD and entrepreneur coach Linda Walker. Register here.
  • October 28th at 9-10:30 EST-  Business Cost of Financial Stress –  a live Mastermind event with professional CPA Jeff Unalp and debt and finance attorney Jen Lee. Register here. This is a paid event, but ADDA Members can email here for a free pass promo code.
  • October 30th at 5-6pm EST Raising an ADHD Child or Teen –  a live Mindshare event with Dr. Sharon Saline, a top ADHD expert. Register for free here.

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