Screw it, I’m old and im tired of fighting my broken brain. I’m just gonna roll with my adhd from now on out : ADHD


i’m in my early 30’s which isn’t old old but it’s certainly not young. and trying to fight my adhd is only going to get MORE tiring, even with adderall.

I’m no long going to live my life out by prospects of permanence but rather by accomplishments.

I hate the term bucketlist because i don’t wanna give off suicidal vibes, but ive just spent the entire night making up a big ass list of things i’ve done and want to get done and i’m just gonna try to get through that list for however many weeks/months/or years i have left. no time limit. just get through it.

no more anxiety from thinking, “hurr well if i choose to (x field) does that mean im just gonna have to be a (x field person) for the rest of my life?”. Nope. i’m done with all that.

travel, see the northern lights, go to an Amsterdam brothel, do shrooms, get through my reading list, get tattoos, learn to cook a solid beef wellington, write a short novel, star in a local play, etc

adios expectations of settling down in a normal life.

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