She had the baby!


Becca gave birth to a healthy baby boy on May 8. 6lbs 8oz 19.4″ long. She went early. She really was over being pregnant and had on and off contractions. A little fluid leaked and when she got checked out she was 2 cm dialated. They basically induced her to push her along because she had been to the hospital 4 times during her pregnancy and due to covid I think they didnt want to expose her anymore so they admitted her. They gave her and the BF covid tests and then they got into a maternity sweet. I was supposed to be with her but they would only let 1 person so I was sad about that. The thing is once you go in there you cant leave the room, the unit or go anywhere until you are leaving with the baby.
She had an epidural because she was in pain. Although she has never had a high pain tolerance so I suspected she would go with that. The annoying part is the evil part of me wanted her to have a regular delivery with regular pain so it would stick out in her mind in case she thought having another baby anytime she felt like it was ever an option. She said it was the easiest thing. Of course now its a different story. She has the baby blues and everything has become a question for me. I had to go over there tuesday because she wasnt producing milk and even though nursing was all he wanted he was obviously hungry. I asked her what she wanted to do and she asked me to give him a bottle and he sucked it down. I dont think its a good idea for her to breast feed because she switched from smoking to vaping but the nicotine isnt good for the baby. And I am no fan of her BF so any excuse for him having to help her out is good in my book. I am mom-mom and my husband is pop-pop. Here are a few pics.

I hope these arent gigantic I had problems resizing them. If they are huge maybe a mod with knowledge can shrink them for me.

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