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Thanks Namazu and Greyhound.

Does anyone here have suggestions for low carb long lasting foods/meals, preferably vegan but not necessarily so? I’ve been grocery shopping every two weeks which I don’t really need to have long lasting foods to do that. But the grocery stores are so jam packed now, even during the off hours. I’m afraid of the germs in there so I’m thinking I want to cut grocery shopping down to once a month.

I’m also seeing if there is food delivery or pick up still being offered by the supermarket but I’m not sure during these times.

How low-carb is low-carb?

I have several great soup recipes that are or could be vegan, though some of them involve squash or sweet potatoes or carrots or beans. You could make a big batch and then either eat it over the course of the week or freeze some so you don’t get sick of it.

Most of my other low-carb recipes involve chicken (though that’s been cleaned off the shelves, so looks like we’ll be eating strictly vegetarian for a while).

For low-carb snacks that don’t go bad too quickly, I like almonds a lot. Lentil-based pasta seems to be more available than wheat-based pasta, and it stores well. And of course, actual lentils and garbanzos and quinoa store well.

I tried to take advantage of Amazon’s food delivery — but while I could put everything I wanted in my cart, they didn’t have any delivery slots available. I’m hoping that that will ease up after the initial food-hoarding panic wears off.

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