Struggling with short term working memory? : ADHD


Okay.. so if you’re like me, the following scenario would play out before I learnt this trick out of laziness:

  1. Call up for appt

  2. Person on phone confirms time/date.

  3. I write it down & with intentions to add to calendar

  4. I lose piece of paper

  5. I miss appointment

  6. Feel guilty and annoyed that I’ve wasted money on fees and not getting benefit from the appt


Once you’ve hung up the phone, I say:

“Hey Siri- add to my calendar appt for X on X date”

Bang it’s done and it’s over. I don’t have to sit down and write it all out in a calendar and it’s worked really well. I do it for all kind of reminders as it takes two seconds and I don’t have to do anything! Just make sure you tell Siri the time and date 🙂

Note: This is for iPhone users.. I’m sure android has this option too.

Hope this helps!

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