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We’ve got an excellent “TADD” Talk for you today! As part of ADHD Awareness Month and our special activities, ADDA has created TADD Talks, where we’ll be Talking about ADD every day the entire month of October!

In today’s TADD talk, Dr. Kari Miller discusses “Control Negative Self-Talk by Balancing 3 Key Brain Systems

In order for individuals with ADHD to quiet the often relentless, negative internal voices, we must take charge of our brains!

A lifetime of living with the challenges of ADHD takes a toll. Repeated failure causes patterns of chronic self-attack. Self-critical reactions and the doubts they cause are crippling and keep us stuck and leave us feeling unfulfilled!

Join Dr. Kari to learn the science behind balancing your brain’s three emotional regulation systems so you can control self-critical thoughts and silence the negative internal critic!

And if you enjoyed today’s TADD Talk, you’ll want to learn more about what Dr. Kari has to offer.

Dr. Kari Miller, PhD, BCET is an educational therapist and ADHD coach providing support across the lifespan – to individuals with ADHD who have passionate dreams, but are frustrated by procrastination, lack of focus and difficulty following through; to young adults in transition to college or the workplace; and to school-aged students with ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, and other complex needs;. She holds a PhD in educational psychology and mathematical statistics, an MEd in Learning Disabilities, Gifted Education and Educational Diagnosis, and a BS in Early Childhood Education and Behavior Disorders. As an instructor for the University of California Riverside Extension, she teaches professionals from fields such as special education, speech pathology, and counseling how to develop and implement individualized treatment plans for learners with complicated needs arising from conditions such as ADHD, learning disabilities, and autism. You can find out more about Dr. Miller at https://drkarimiller.com/

We’ll see you back here tomorrow! Check the schedule to see what’s coming next right here.

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