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We’ve got an excellent “TADD” Talk for you today! As part of ADHD Awareness Month and our special activities, ADDA has created TADD Talks, where we’ll be Talking about ADD every day the entire month of October!

In today’s TADD talk, Tamara Rosier & Cameron Gott, discuss “Making Informed Choices: Shifting The Signal In Your Brain.


And if you enjoyed today’s TADD Talk, you’ll want to learn more about what Tamara & Cameron have to offer.

Tamara Rosier, PhD, has worked with leaders to help them develop leadership skills, social intelligence, and healthy organizational cultures. Most of her time is focused on the ADHD Center of West Michigan. She leads a team of professionals to provide outstanding resources for individuals and their families after they receive a diagnosis of ADHD. In her coaching practice, she helps her clients understand their metacognitive thinking processes in order to develop more confidence, smoother communication, closer relationships, and increased academic or work success. Dr. Rosier presents and publishes articles on ADHD. She is the president of the ADHD Coaches Organization.

An ADHD coach since 2000, Cameron Gott, PCC, works with leaders nationwide to help them take action more efficiently and lead more effectively. Gott is a coauthor of a book on accountability and speaks and teaches on a variety of topics including ADHD coaching, accountability, effective leadership, and models for change. He was trained through the Coaches Training Institute. Gott co-develops program and trains ADHD coaches through Coach Approach for Organizers, an ICF accredited coach training program. His Global Creative blog addresses the challenges and opportunities facing creative entrepreneurs and leaders with ADHD. He lives outside of Charlottesville, Virginia.

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