talking less as you get older? : ADHD


i don’t know if it’s social anxiety. i don’t know if it’s adhd. i don’t know if it’s the way i was raised.

a couple months ago, when an old family friend visited my family from a different place, she remarked “you used to talk a lot more, why don’t you talk as much?” (roughly translated)

from that comment, i realised that i have definitely become a lot more quiet, compared to when i was younger (5-7). i was much more hyper and talkative and inquisitive when i was little, compared to now. i don’t know if it has anything to do with me losing all the friendships i make (also a problem that i haven’t figured out, everytime i move, all my old friends don’t talk to me, don’t respond to my texts), or the constant scolding if i caught my mother in a bad mood (she would yell at me if she was a bad mood, or if i did something minor, like spill a cup of milk) but it seems that i may have gone from combined to just inattentive. is that possible?

does anybody else talk a lot less from when compared to when they were a child?

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