The Gift of ADHD / Prescriptions for the Soul


What if you said, “Let’s see what will happen here next?” when faced with a challenging situation. Dr. Siegel quotes Hemingway, “Everyone gets broken in life” and advises people to learn before they get broken and to become stronger in the places where they are broken. His prescriptions help people prevent problems from turning into health catastrophes.
Dr. Siegel shares stories of people who heal their body through finding peace. He quotes the poem “Your body loves you” from John Updike. Another message he shares is that finding peace is a process and you will probably have to go back the next day to find peace even if you “see the light” one day.
Peace requires you to know that “I have needs too.” He shares stories of how people get sick from exhaustion from taking care of others’ needs without attending to their own needs.
Sickness means you have lost your health and the goal is to find your health by reclaiming your life.
Dr. Bernie Siegel is a well-known proponent of alternative approaches to healing that involve not just the body, but the mind and soul as well. As the author of several books, including Love, Medicine & Miracles and Peace, Love & Healing.
365 Prescriptions for the Soul: Daily Messages of Inspiration, Hope, and Love
Length-31 minutes, 7 seconds
Dr. Lara Honos-Webb author of The Gift of Adult ADD interviews Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of 365 Prescriptions for the Soul: Daily Messages of Inspiration, Hope and Love

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