The gifted progamprogram : ADHD


So I am going to need into 6th grade and I was always a little above in my classes.(not trying to sound egotistical or rude) but because of my adhd and other health problems whenever I tried out for the gifted program at my school I was always 1-6 points off. I tried my first time in 2nd grade whenever my meds weren’t helping me yet, so I didn’t make it. I tried again (practice/entering exam) at the end of 5th grade and was 2 points off. But my counselor said I should try the real test anyways. I got 128 but you needed a 130. I just took the test and I made it in the program!!! I am so excited because I worked really hard to improve my tidy ness and memory and getting thing in on time and I finally did it!

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