The world is clear for once.. I cried : ADHD


22 (F)

I was recently diagnosed, and took my first pill (Adderall XR) today. I cried because my mind went silent. I cried even harder when I meditated for 10 minutes straight. I finally focused on something I wanted to without intrusive thoughts and it felt amazing.

Just like a majority of you, I felt like I was lazy, unmotivated to reach my full potential, crazy because I felt like I had anxiety, depression, mood swings, a binge eater, etc and my doctor of 14 years validated my experience just because she listened to my pain and didn’t try to tell me what I had or write it off as something else.

I know I literally just started my meds today, and I have a lot more to do but I had to share. This community and my doctor really helped me feel like I’m not fucking crazy.

Thank you

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