There were so many dogs that I got overwhelmed and pet the wrong one. : ADHD


My dog Pepper and I met up outside with my friend yesterday, and they brought their two dogs, Buddy and Frank. When we were greeting each other and the three dogs were saying hello, I got so overwhelmed by talking to my friend and all the prancing the dogs were doing. I bent down to say hello and pet Buddy and Frank, but instead it’s like I forgot what I was doing and just pet my own dog and called her the other dog’s names.

No big, right? But in my mind, I immediately thought that my friend saw me not pet their dogs and only my own, and must think I don’t like their dogs, or think mine is more important, and I felt deeply embarrassed. I was STILL thinking about it when I woke up this morning, and literally nothing happened. I bet my friend didn’t even notice.

I basically got overwhelmed by three playing dogs and someone talking to me and triggered myself with imaginary rejection about which dog I pet.

This brain is a trip.

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