This “All or nothing and nothing in between” mindset is really killing me. : ADHD


TL;DR – One day Im super happy, the other day super shi*ty, because one day ADHD is awesome superpower and the next week it wants to kill me.

Yesterday I was driving (I love driving) to my first CBT. Everything was perfect, nice weather, My Spotify playlist blasting at full volume, super sweet fast roads and 100km journey. It was awesome, I was ultra happy. The therapist told me what will follow in next few months and he helped me create a schedule I should follow, so I can still catch up on studying for graduation. Sweet. Drove back home, bit tired, since the city was really chaotic and paying attention for almost na hour in traffic, but excited to get home and start my new routine tomorrow. There was even pizza at home for dinner, can it get even better????

Aaand here we go, I couldnt sleep till 4 am, and ended up oversleeping start of my schedule. Got pissed at myself and slowly spiralled to “nothing really matters” and self blame and doubt. I could get out of bed, I was just lying and sleeping the whole, just because of one stupid alarm. I couldve got up and miss out on half an hour fo studying but nooo *insert “Now I am not doing it pingu meme*

Its almost always this was, does it happen to you too? I want to be able ot get up, ready, excited and on time. Be able to pay attention to what I am reading and what are people telling me.

Im sorry if this story is missing point, but I needed to get it off my chest

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