This sub is kinda healthy tho : ADHD


Before I found this sub I had faced Adhd pretty alone apart from my paediatrician . Parents and people I know didn’t really take it seriously so I always thought it wasn’t real (even tho I saw medication helped).

I always felt like I could do anything I wanted it badly enough, if I could just be bothered… I was the ultimate sloth, always forgetful but in my eyes still hyper intelligent and full of potential. Seeing this sub has made me realise that adhd is genuinely a disability, one that is normalised and taken trivially at times. But this community doesn’t, it takes it for what it is. A sometimes good mostly bad dysfunction that comes with all kids of negative results for its user, see manual.

I can’t acccudtaelt articulate how reassuring it is vining with posts on here the connection I feel when I see a post that perfectly describes what having adhd is like. It’s like having other me’s out there with different life experiences but sharing the same wavelength -To those that still find you blaming yourselves, take responsibility for your actions, act with honest intentions and be the best version of yourself! That’s where the super power comes in, if you can find a way to harness your energy you’ll conquer ANYTHING you put your mind to, and I genuinely believe that.

Anyways, Shout out to my like minded family that makes the hard times that much easier and relatable. 👑

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