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So I’m on my 5th year at community college. What with our little bug that’s going around the world recently, my college campus has closed down, and most of the classes have switched to meeting online & having online deliverables… It’s basically turned into an educational nightmare for me.

I have tried online classes in the past, and they didn’t work out. The problem is they are so disconnected from reality, so virtual, basically existing in outer space, and I need things to be grounded & have substance for me to remember them. And it’s so easy for computers to fail to help.

Teachers have been turning more & more towards online teaching systems, right?, and it seems most instructors at least partially use them to teach their classes. The past 10 years, I have struggled to keep up with the times, but what with the state of the world recently this issue has become urgent for me.

I believe every mental lock has a key. What works for you? What kinds of cues do you use to remind you there’s online stuff you need to work on?

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