To anyone struggling to get an official diagnosis, I kept on until something that works came along : ADHD


I’ll share my quick story. Been trying for the past few months to get a prescription but Dr says he can’t prescribe without diagnosis. He isn’t willing to do it either. Everywhere I contact about getting one makes it clear that it isn’t going to be a short process, and I really don’t have months right now to wait around going through the hoops.

So I told my Dr about the difficulties I was having with finding someone to get me a diagnosis and he says “well there’s a medication here I can prescribe without a diagnosis that we can try”

Ugh, cue the Things that could have been brought to my attention meme.

But yes of course! I say

And he recommended Strattera, which I admit I could have done more homework about and probably would have found out about it on my own. But reading more about it, it seems far better suited to my situation than adderall/ritalin.

This is only day two so far of taking it but I haven’t felt the same overwhelming feelings like when I abused adderall in the past.

If you aren’t making progress, shift your action! Thanks all ~

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