Want to get diagnosed but have been taking ritalin already. Should I hide it from doctors? : ADHD


So I’ve been almost positive I suffer from ADHD for many years. Through a friend I’ve recently been able to have access to some Ritalin 10mg which has helped me tremendously in everyday life. I didn’t abuse it and took it as would be prescribed by a doctor, but I know this is the wrong (and illegal!) way of doing it. So I would like to “come clean” and go through the official channel.

Now I’m wondering how I should approach this with doctors? I don’t want to come up as only wanting a script. I want to get help. But I’m afraid that saying I’ve already used prescription meds illegally would make them treat me differently. On the other hand it feels dishonest because it did help me a lot and I don’t want to hide things from my doctor.

So what would be your advise, r/ADHD?

TL;DR: took ritalin which helped a lot, now I want to get diagnosed but I don’t know if I should omit that fact to doctors or not.

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