What are some of your strategies for dealing with Meetings. : ADHD


Guess this has come up already, so feel free to just link me to some info, or close it if it’s that frequent.

So I’m a programmer and I don’t really have a lot of meetings. I’m also not hyperactive. But it’s still the most stressful part of my job. I don’t mind communicating and I like the people I’m interacting with. And honestly particularly during Corona / Home Office it’s nice to talk to people. But that doesn’t change that I’m getting impacient really quickly, particularly if there are multiple people and they just talk. And nothing comes from it. Make me crazy. Also pretty much everything >1h and I’m just annoyed / triggered and crave for nicotine. It’s a bit better with home office, because most people don’t mind if I smoke, which makes this more bareable. But people talking unproductive shit still makes me rage. During Homeoffice it’s hard not to start reading reddit on my second screen. But physical meetings… So yeah, that’s it. Have a nice one.

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