What is THE routine. The magical routine that works. I need to study. I need to sleep. I need to focus. : ADHD


How do I function? I’m on Concerta 54mg and I don’t take it regularly because there is this vicious cycle where I don’t get tired after the meds wear off, I dont sleep that night, then take my pill the next day (hoping that after 2 days of being awake I will crash by the time night comes). Either I still don’t sleep for another night and repeat the cycle hoping I will sleep that night. When the sleep finally happens (still probably at a stupid time), I will wake up really late in the day the next day – where I can’t justify taking my meds because then FOR SURE I’ll be up in the night, which is what I don’t want! So yeah, I miss a dose of my 54mg Concerta probs every 3/4 days.

I don’t think the extended release is for me (maybe? idk) but I need to concentrate for the whole day, as I do nothing. No sense of urgency, motivation, discipline or focus for anything. Even with the Concerta, if I take in the morning, all that happens is I get crazy cigarette cravings, focus on something I shouldn’t whilst chain smoking, get fatigued at some point after the first release goes I guess. I don’t feel much better or better at life. I just wanna be better at life.

Have any of you guys been in this rut? How did you solve it? Do you guys find yourselves more productive taking short acting ones multiple times a day?

All I want is to sleep at 11, wake up at 7. That’s all. Be able to work for 8 hours, and spend the other 8 doing things that are good for me which I also just cannot manage. aka, showering/making food/eating, do enriching things and hobbies etc. I feel useless as a person who has the opportunity to do all the things I want. I’ve had enough brooooo

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