What’s ADHD and what’s anxiety? : ADHD


Hello! So I need help/advice. Ahhh.. the thought of having type and explain this all is very overwhelming and making me want to give up but here I go.

For the last few months I have been seeing a therapist and just started medication for anxiety. We want to treat the anxiety right now rather than the adhd but I feel very confused because I don’t know what’s worse! My mind blanking has been so much worse recently. Sometimes I can’t even complete a sentence or thought without my brain forgetting what it was trying to say.. I feel zero motivation for anything other than animal crossing.. 😬😅. Going to appointments has me cancelling and rescheduling them to avoid social interaction. My mind runs and runs.. and I never know what’s adhd and what’s anxiety! Does anybody know how to tell the difference and how to cope with both? It’s really tricky because the symptoms I have for each are so similar to the symptoms of adhd and anxiety..

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