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What’s the worst and best hours for you?

In general it’s said that the worst time of day are mornings for ADHD people.
But for me mornings are the best and evenings are the worst time of day. I feel relatively more alert, more motivated and more focused about 5-8 am, though not enough. After that time my energy starts to decline. About 7-10 pm is the worst time of day, my energy falls to zero and i don’t want to do anything. Interestingly after 10 pm my energy starts to increase.
By the way i haven’t been taking any medicine for weeks.
What about you, how is your diurnal energy level?


Born in 1989. Treated for major depression and anxiety since 21 yo.

Tried almost all of SSRI’s (none of them worked)

Predominantly inattentive adhd, diagnosed in 2018.

Started with ritalin (worked only for two weeks)

Also tried wellbutrin and strattera

Now: ritalin and medikinet

For about three years local corticosteroid pomades for atopic dermatitis.

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