When is it my turn to speak? Communication skills issue? : ADHD


This happens all the time. I see what I think is a pause in the conversation, a good spot for me to say the thing I’ve been wanting to say, a thought I’ve been trying so hard to not forget while also trying to listen to the conversation lmao you know how it is, but then i start to speak and everyone always, always talks over me or just doesn’t respond and continue their conversation. When I try to communicate plans and ideas with people I’ll tell them, and then they don’t react at all, so I say it again and again until they react ( because i think they didn’t hear me) and they usually just go “omg i heard you the first time”. The! if I dont repeat something bc I don’t want them to get mad at me, they end up not knowing what the plan or idea was until it’s too late and get mad at me for not communicating. I don’t understand. It pisses me off. It’s been happening my whole life, it happens so often that it has to he something up with me? Does anyone ever get this?? I have absolutely no clue what this is.

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