Why do people seem to still struggle so much even with medication? I am asking in good faith. : ADHD


I think I may have ADHD, and I relate with many of the symptomps and scenarios described here and on other forums to a scary degree. Right now, I can’t get diagnosed because of the COVID-19 situation, so I’m just looking around. A lot of stories also seem to have components where even after medication, you constantly have to struggle against the problem and still have similar executive function isssues. I’m 100% aware that medication isn’t supposed to be a cure-all, but I thought that it allows you to return to the level of a normal person so that you can then work on procrastination the same way that any other guy would work on their procrastination.

Additional question: Are their alternative diagnoses or non-mental health solutions for consistent and chronic procrastination? I’m asking because I constantly feel guilty that I’m “blaming” ADHD for all my problems when it may just be that I’ve developed an addiction to instant gratification or technology or something like that.

I’m just sick of constantly not being able to work or study or think properly.

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