Wonder what people who were diagnosed with ADHD as an adult’s experiences were like : ADHD


I’m 23, and have never been diagnosed with ADHD, but I’ve always been suspicious that I might. I’m wondering if there anyone has felt similarly and what there experiences were.

My worry is that because no one has gone, “oh, he must have ADHD” that means I probably don’t have it, and I just need to be better. On paper it doesn’t look like I struggled with school, but I would leave things to the exact last minute, and the only thing keeping me working was the screaming fear that this thing is due in like 2 hours. This has slowly gotten worse as I progressed to university. I’m studying software engineering, and I’m mostly carried through it by an actual interest in writing code. but only the writing part. anything theoretical is an absolute drag, and destroys my motivation to code even.

But the main reason I want to potentially get diagnosed and get help is because of the poor emotional self control. It wasn’t till I got into a serious relationship that this become an issue, and I need some kind of solutions. Everything else before this kinda few under the radar, and was put down to lazy behaviour (and who know, maybe it is).

So yeah, has anyone else felt similarly? or have any advice to how to approach getting a diagnostic as an adult?

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