Work drug tests and Dextroamphetamine : ADHD


I’m 34, newly diagnosed and I’m on month number 2 of Dex. I take 5mg in the AM and 10mg in the early afternoon.

Just to quickly boast I am a job finishing machine and I’ve gotten on the chase of some Goliath sized goals. I sleep like a tranquilized Rhino and after having done three decades of graft without meds my motivation with dex backing is brilliant. I’m being careful not to get dependent, taking breaks etc.

So my question. I’m going out to do a shutdown in early June and as I’m a rope access rigger we all get drug tested. I’m hearing it will get flagged, I’ve heard that it won’t.

I’ve no experience in how HR responds to people on stimulants, if its seen as a negative.

So I guess I can either just stop meds before the DandA test and pass it without declaring, then i would stay off the meds for the ten day shutdown. then I can meet HR on the site and get feel for how they regard the use of dex and indeed people with ADHD.

Or i can declare it and see if I make it into the final hire list on the day. I know I have the job as I’m more than qualified for the role, but im worried that mentioning my newly discovered disorder will push me down the list.

I know everything is “equal opportunity” these days but the reality is a company wants the pick of the litter.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

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