Yet another medicine question. I feel like I need a justification to use them : ADHD


TLDR; diagnosed a year ago, not gotten any treatment. Recently had a child im saying home with, having a hard time “asking” for meds/finding reason why i need them. Am swedish so doctors dont like perscribing narcotics.

Hello! Almost exactly a year ago I (24F) was diagnosed with ADD, then i was put in a queue to meet with a doctor to talk about medication and treatment. I live in sweden and the line to get help for these kind of problems are long. I was already going to a therapist for other reasons, and eat anti-depressants so I already have a foot in. This april i was supposed to start a group treatment but it got put on hold.

I am a student but I just had a baby 3 months ago so I’m at home with her and wont be going back to school until january. Since im in sweden, doctors are really reserved about perscribing narcotics, and im not sure they will give me medicine if im not working or studying and “just stay home all day”.

But I have gone my whole life without help. This january, i had a medicine meeting with my doctor at the psychiatric departement on my local hospital, but he never even brought it up. Sure i could have brought it up, but I don’t want to make it sound like I just want drugs. And im having a hard time justifying going on meds now, or finding reasons why i need them. But I know i do. Im even having a hard time remembering my “symptoms” and how this even effects my life, I am just so used to this.

This turned ranty, sorry. What do meds help with in “everyday” life when you dont work or study? I know it’s different for everyone but mostly things apply in one way or another.

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