“You could’ve had this done by now.” : ADHD


So im doing school work and im having a mental breakdown at how i cannot focus on my english work(overthinking it and brain just refusing to work) and my inability to do the math work because i forgot how to do some of it, ive been having this stress mess for over 2 hours and my mom just says to stop overreacting about it and “You could’ve had this done by now.” now that russles my jimmies and makes me angry and want to work more so i give up on my english work and try to do my math work, i look at the answer key and start to understand how to do it and then out of nowhere my mom takes away my music, making me more stressed and angry, (i start having an emotional swing at this point) and so i do a couple of sheets and then get stuck on another and try to figure out how to do it, my mom then sends me to bed, forcefully. My mom has raised 2 kids other than me with ADHD so surely she would understand the attention and mood problems right?

Sorry if this seems unreadable. Im just FUMING

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