You don’t need to fix yourself to fix your issues. : ADHD


For me the worse part of being diagnosed was that all my “flaws” were always going to be my flaws. Before being diagnosed, I worked VERY hard every single day to see the day where being disciplined finally clicked. I worked relentlessly. I really thought I was going to become a success story of how I went from being a mess to being put together. But instead I became a diagnosis. It was a slap on my face. It really taught me you really can’t become anything if you work hard enough.

There’s no cure. No magic pill or miracle method that relieves ADHD. But I’ve learned so so much from hearing about others with similar traits, tendencies, and challenges thanks to this subreddit.

Im even learning about things that I’ve never suspected to be ADHD related. ADHD was once something I found so foreign and reserved for elementary school boys unable to sit still and get good grades. Now I notice it everyday and in practically every faucet of my life.

Slowly but surely the worse part of being diagnosed is becoming the best. I can’t fix my “flaws” indefinitely, but I can accept them. I’ve learned you can’t become someone you aren’t even with hard work and grit. But I can achieve anything I want as long as I accept who I am.

Be unapologetic of your disability. If you need to make your coworker wait for you to form a damn sentence or remember a f’ing word, then so be it. Don’t let it consume you. Don’t let it keep you up at night. Don’t start wishing you can be one who talks fluidly. Because as soon as you do, it’s becomes an insecurity. You will try to hide it. You will develop a social anxiety. You will stop talking at meetings. And it will hinder you from your work. Just don’t.

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