You struggle to organise digital files : ADHD


If like everyone else here, including you, you struggle to organise digital files, this link is worth reading:

TL DR Organising digital files should help alleviate stress and not make it worse. It is perfectly fine to dump files into huge gibberish folders as long as the files you need are searchable for when you need them.

Name files and folders generically. It’s ok to name a file or folder several things one after the other if it makes it easier for you to use the search option.

Word processing software have an option to print the directory of where the printed file is located on the paper. Use this if you print things and struggle to locate them on your PC

Embrace your chaotic mess and mind. Do not be ashamed of it. You will always be messy. All you need to focus on is making that mess work for you. If it works, you are doing amazing! If it doesn’t, try something different.

Having a hard drive on which you dump archived/old files is allowed. You do not need to worry about old stuff if you do not have to. Having hundreds of GB and TB of data is ok.

If it causes you anxiety because the files are unorganised, you planned to once upon a time organise them and got distracted, it is OK! Have a simple way of organising files that you make now and in future. Once you get comfortable with it, you can worry about going back. And you can do that slowly when you do have time. Just worry about the now

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