You’re allowed to feel good! : ADHD


This is something I forget myself but I just now remembered and thought you could need it too.

Sometimes my anxiety makes me think that I don’t deserve rest, happiness or relaxation, as long as I haven’t got everything under control. I think I have to be alert about my situation all the time, otherwise I’m not acknowledging the big struggles I have in everyday life and just let them slip. So I don’t allow myself to feel comfortable about my situation or hopeful towards the future, because I feel that would mean “ignoring” my problems. Obviously this actually makes the situation worse and I end up feeling bad about everything and procrastinate even more! But as soon as I allow myself to let go of that self imposed pressure of having everything under control, I get sooo much more optimistic and actually more motivated to act, because all these negative emotions aren’t pulling me down anymore! Turns out it’s fully possible to acknowledge the fact that not everything is going as it should right now and simultaneously not feel like a complete failure because of it. This is a state of mind that is still quite new for me, but practicing it has already helped me tremendously with my anxiety and the “wall of awful” it causes!

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